Somerdale Is Set To Challenge The Taste Buds At IDDBA 19

Somerdale International, the largest importer of great tasting British cheeses into the USA, will be showcasing a comprehensive range of classic and contemporary cheeses ideal for the holiday season at this year’s International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association trade show. The event being held in Orlando (2nd – 4th June) is the largest show in the world serving the Dairy, Deli and Bakery categories and expects to attract over 10,000 trade visitors and 800 exhibitors.

At IDDBA, Somerdale is set to challenge the taste buds of American consumers with the launch of its new Challenger IPA cheese which combines the classic taste of English Cheddar with traditional IPA beer. This creamy aged English Cheddar is crafted & aged on the Barber family farm just 15 miles away from the village of Cheddar itself and is then infused with a wonderfully hoppy traditional IPA to create a sumptuously smooth cheese with fruity beer notes. The cheese is divided by a fine line of ash to create a pleasing visual when cut and making it stand out from other cheeses. Each wheel is then coated in distinctive red and black wax, sealing in all of that ‘beery goodness’.

As well as Challenger IPA, Somerdale will also be showcasing a range of cheeses that will make an impact on any deli counter throughout the year and special cheeses developed specifically for Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year festive cheeseboards. These include:

Somerdale Cooper’s Hill – Specially created for Somerdale, Cooper’s Hill combines the creamy texture and rounded taste of a quintessentially British Double Gloucester with the tang of Chives and Onions.

Cooper’s Hill is a certified Non-GMO cheese and celebrates a famous cheese rolling tradition enshrined in English folklore. Cooper’s Hill is the location in Gloucester where this tradition still continues. Each year, a wheel of Gloucester cheese is sent down the hill for people to race after. The first person to cross the finish line is awarded the 10lb wheel of cheese and the glory of winning the world famous event.

Westminster Sharp Non-GMO Cheddar

Westminster Sharp is an aged Cheddar cheese matured for at least 12 months. This well-rounded and delicious Cheddar, delivers a mouth-watering, strong and full flavour on the palate.

Developed in partnership with Joseph Heler, whose dairy farm is located on the natural, pasture rich, Cheshire plain, Westminster Sharp has been fully accredited as non-GMO by NSF International, the international food certification organisation, under the rigorous testing regime and consensus-based standards of the ‘Non-GMO Project’.

Westminster Rustic Red

Westminster Rustic Red was a cheese that happened by mistake! A helveticus culture was added to a savoury cheese recipe by accident. The cheesemaker noticed the error of his ways too late and the cheese was made. Over time the cheese matured into something magnificent – a cheese that combines sweet, nutty caramelised notes with a little savoury bite

Holly Day Cheddar – Somerdale’s Holly Day Cheddar, with its fun Father Christmas packaging, is matured for 12 months and has a wonderful nutty sweetness. Little salt crystals form during maturation to give you little bursts of salty delight!! Ideal with a petit Syrah or hoppy IPA.

Red Ribbon Cheddar – perfect for the festive family cheeseboard is Somerdale’s wonderful Red Ribbon Cheddar emblazoned with a jolly snowman. This nutty, sweet tone, cheddar is made and aged on the Barber family farm in the southwest of England, just 15 miles away from Cheddar itself.

Commenting on their presence at this year’s IDDBA event Alan Jenkins, Sales Director at Somerdale International said, “Somerdale is proud to be the largest importer of British cheeses into the USA and we are committed to delivering to our American customers a comprehensive range of classic and contemporary cheeses. A great example being the launch at IDDBA of our new Challenger IPA cheese which combines classic English Cheddar and traditional IPA beer – a match made in heaven!

“This year’s IDDBA also provides a great platform for us to showcase our range of great tasting cheeses for the holiday season. They combine the very best of traditional British cheese with a festive & fun twist and are set to make a real impact on deli counters across the States over this year’s holiday season.”

About Somerdale International

Somerdale International was honoured in 2016 with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. It provides an effective route to the international market for great tasting British cheese made in some of the country’s leading creameries including traditional Cheddars, blue cheeses, flavored cheeses and traditional hand-made, artisan cheeses.

Today, it is the leading exporter of British cheese to the USA with shipments leaving for New York every week. While it has also grown its presence in key markets such as China and the Far East, the Caribbean, Australia and emerging markets such as the Middle East & North Africa and Brazil.

In 2018 Somerdale International’s sales in the USA & Canada passed the £15 million per annum [$19 million] sales barrier, with revenues having increased by over 35% in the last 5 years. In 2019 Somerdale is reinforcing its position as the leading British specialty cheese exporter to North America and is on track to sell this year a record 2000 tonnes of great tasting cheese through some 3,000 retail and foodservice outlets located across the United States and Canada.