Super Pan Super Shapes Offers Deeper Shapes For High-Volume Operations

Sheboygan, Wisconsin Vollraths Super Pan Super Shapes steam table pans now have deeper sizes available to customize your buffet line up more than ever. Super Pan Super Shapes can instantly provide an upscale look to any buffet without costing a fortune. Without investing in any templates, tiles, or other accessories, any buffet can feature new Super Shapes pans in one or more of three new deeper shapes from Vollrath: 4 Deep Full Oval, 4 Deep Half Oval, and 3 Deep Wild Pan.

Super Shapes pans are made from 22-gauge stainless steel to withstand the most demanding commercial applications. The 300-series stainless steel is durable, easy to clean, and provides excellent thermal transfer for reduced energy costs.

Additionally, reinforced corners and edges reduce the potential for dents and dings that allow steam heat to escape from the well, saving energy. The well-blended design makes the pans easy to change in and out of the buffet setting. Super Pan 3 covers fit over full- and half-size Super Shapes pans. Super Shapes also stack easily within themselves for storage.

Source: Vollrath Company, LLC