Swiss Chalet Fine Foods To Join Atalanta Corporation

Elizabeth, New Jersey— In 2019, Swiss Chalet Fine Foods will become a division of Atalanta Corporation. Founded in 1945, Atalanta is the largest privately held food importer in the United States. Atalanta is a part of the Gellert Global Group, a third-generation family-owned business which consists of many of the leading North American food importing companies and has been involved in importing food products for over 100 years.

Swiss Chalet Fine Foods was founded by Hans and Claire Baumann in 1968 with the goal of bringing fine European and imported ingredients to the foodservice industry. Swiss Chalet has been a Gellert Global Group member company since 2007. Throughout its history, Swiss Chalet has been known to bring quality ingredients and specialty foods to chefs nationwide and is a key ally to foodservice operators and in-store bakeries to assist on upgrading their product offerings.

“The combination of Swiss Chalet Fine Foods and Atalanta will better enable us to be a part of more food experiences” says Tom Gellert, President of Atalanta.“We will leverage the strengths of both organizations—our people and our products- to achieve greater success.”

The move will further strengthen Swiss Chalet’s position as a top specialty ingredients supplier to the foodservice industry. Together with Swiss Chalet’s diverse portfolio and Atalanta’s highly respected standing, the company will be well equipped for long-term success. Atalanta plans to enhance its reach across various channels, such as national chain restaurants, retail, and manufacturing. The Gellert Global Group continues to grow and leverage its companies to better meet the needs of the food industry. For more information on Swiss Chalet Fine Foods visit: