The Finest Bresaola in the World, Made in Chicago

Originally a specialty of the areas surrounding the Valtellina in northern Lombardia, Bresaola is often made with horse or venison. We use Wagyu breed beef for its even speckled marbling which surpasses anything available, even in Italy!

It’s better than you can get in Italy!


We take care, selecting the best ingredients to achieve world class results…

  • Tempesta uses the Eye of Round from the largest wagyu beef we can find.
  • Our Bresaola takes twice as long to mature than any other on the market.
  • Larger size means lower trim loss, and perfectly even drying means deep intensity of flavor without the acidic taste and off-putting aromas of inferior styles.

In 2019, Tempesta Artisan Salumi amazed the industry by winning the BRONZE SOFI Award for WAGYU BRESAOLA  & also GOLD for Tempesta CULATELLO!

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