The Grass-Fed Cheddar That Cheese Lovers Have Waited for Has Arrived

Trugman-Nash LLC, introduces their newest addition of grass-fed, non-GMO cheese: Old Croc Medium White Cheddar. Imported from Australia and crafted from the pure milk of Australian cows, this Medium White Cheddar is an exciting addition to Old Croc’s selection of deliciously bold cheddar cheeses. 

“We’re very excited to bring this new addition to the Old Croc family of cheddars. After more than a year in development, our new Medium cheddar delivers a true, rich, cheddar flavor with a smooth and creamy texture that makes it perfect for slicing and melting; and of course wonderful for snacking. ” says Ken Meyers, President and CEO of Trugman-Nash. The flavor profile of Old Croc’s Medium Cheddar pairs perfectly with crisp Pinot Gris and pale ales. Cheese lovers can also enjoy Old Croc’s Medium White Cheddar with fresh apples, pear wedges, grapes and light water crackers.

Medium Cheddar joins Old Croc’s line of “The Classics” — classic white cheddar cheeses aged to perfection that offer a bold cheddar flavor. The Classics include Grand Reserve Cheddar, Smoked Sharp Cheddar, Extra Sharp Cheddar and Sharp Cheddar. Each product in The Classic’s line remains crafted with milk from grass-fed Australian cows to produce a cheese richer in omega-3 fats and Vitamin E than other non-GMO, non-grass-fed cheese brands.

Old Croc’s unique, bold cheddar flavor also translates to its Croc Bites Cheddar Cheese Snacks and its line of flavored cheeses and spreadable cheeses, including Bacon & Jalapeno and Roasted Garlic & Herb, both made with Old Croc’s famous aged cheddar.

Our grass-fed cheesemaking process 

Old Croc creates carefully aged, natural, non-GMO cheddar cheese from grass-fed cow’s milk that reflects the spirit of Austalia.  The dairy is sourced from true pasture-raised cows that freely graze on grass in wide open pastures. 

Because steroid hormones are strictly prohibited in dairy farming in Australia, Old Croc’s cows feed on a nutrient-rich, non-GMO grass mix. Not only does the grass mix help Old Croc’s cows naturally produce more milk, it leads to a delicious cheese that brings direct health benefits to consumers. This includes a balanced ratio of fatty acids which has been linked to decreases in risksof cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. 

Old Croc’s Medium White Cheddar is available in retail packaging (7oz.), club size(24oz.) and 5# loaves.  Old Croc Cheese is distributed by Trugman-Nash LLC, which is based in Chatham, NJ. Visit for more information about Old Croc cheddar cheese.