The Matzo Project: Would It Kill You To Try Something New?

The Matzo Project introduces carefully made, artfully packaged, legitimately scrumptious matzo to an overlooked, outdated corner of the marketplace.

Summer camp friends Ashley Albert and Kevin Rodriguez set out to bake a new take on the culturally beloved, but traditionally flavorless box of matzo. Instead, they got a super-snappy, extra-sturdy, crazy-versatile cracker that goes with every single thing they’ve tried to put on it. (True Story.)

After selling out their first batch in a single day, the two friends moved out of their tiny commissary kitchen and into a larger Kosher bakery in Brooklyn to take their unleavened show on the road.

The Matzo Project has been embraced by the cracker-eating big shots at The James Beard House, Zabar’s, Zingerman’s and The Conan O’Brien Green Room. Ashley and Kevin even collaborated on a Cinnamon Matzo ice cream flavor with fellow Brooklyn upstart Ample Hills Creamery.

In addition to their Matzo flats and Matzo Chips in three varieties, Salted, Everything and Cinnamon Sugared, The Matzo Project has an all natural, vegan Matzo Ball Soup Kit and a seasonal line of hand-dipped Chocolate Matzo wonderclusters that rise up (ha!) from Fall to Spring.

While traditional matzo currently languishes in the Ethnic Food Section, their hope is to help it claim its rightful spot in the Cracker Aisle, right next to the Rosemary Pita Chips and the Gorgonzola Fig Toast.

Their moms think it’s great.