The Oregon Truffle Festival is Going Virtual in 2021

Truffle season begins in just a few short months, and we’ve spent some significant time weighing how to create an unforgettable experience while putting your health and safety first. In that spirit, we are transforming the 2021 Oregon Truffle Festival into a digital experience.

Sharing the joy of Oregon truffles with you is something we look forward to year after year. But between the revolving lock downs and re-openings, a concerning spike in new cases nationwide and a well-justified discouragement of cross-country travel, in-person events simply did not feel responsible at this time. It was a difficult decision, but one we are comfortable making to ensure that you and your families stay safe.

We thought deeply about how to translate all that we want to share virtually, and are working on a schedule of online events and classes throughout truffle season, from January through March. These interactive events will cater to a wide audience, from truffle pros to truffle novices.

Learning about Oregon truffles should engage all the senses, and while we can’t replace the experience of a hunt through the cool misty forests of Oregon, we can send you a piece. For the first time in festival history, we will be shipping truffles to virtual class attendees. It’s our hope that the tools we provide will inspire your confidence in planning and creating decadent truffled meals at home.

To usher in this new format, we’re proud to introduce our brand new Oregon Truffle Festival website full of invaluable resources for truffle aficionados nationwide:

  • Explore the Culinary side and learn proper truffle care and handling, pore over numerous truffle-infused recipes, take inspiration from past event menus and more.
  • The Truffle Dogs section offers a helpful blog of “Truffle Dog Tales,” which includes interviews with foray leaders and foragers to guide you as you train your truffle dog.
  • Science & Education includes educational materials for finding Oregon truffles, truffle cultivation and insights on the growing truffle industry. As a bonus: we’ve also posted a recent seminar by Dr. Charles K. Lefevre, Ph.D. at the 2020 Mushroom Festival, titled How, When, and Where to Find Oregon Truffles.

We’re excited to present this series of online truffle-infused programming and will be announcing a full schedule of events very soon. 

We thank you for your continued support over the years and look forward to seeing you online! Stay safe, and stay in touch!