Unreal Deli Brings the Service Deli Counter into the Modern Age with the Introduction of Hand-Sliced Plant-Based Meats

LOS ANGELES — Unreal Deli, the world’s first and leading provider of premium plant-based deli meat, announces the launch of its fully sliceable bulk meats into 125 Hannaford Supermarket locations at the store’s service deli counters. Now, these plant-based meats will be placed behind the glass alongside traditional animal-based deli meats and will be available to purchase in true hand-sliced deli style throughout multiple states.

Jenny Goldfarb, Founder of Unreal Deli, created this product line inspired by her great-grandparents’ New York delicatessens. After adopting a vegan lifestyle, Jenny still found herself craving premium deli meat, but could no longer enjoy. Jenny began creating a plant-based corned beef alternative in her own kitchen made with ingredients you’ll recognize. These meats feature lentils, black rice, shiitake mushrooms, beets, tomatoes and more! Now, Unreal Deli is the first vegan brand to make its way behind the deli counter in multiple states, giving younger populations an animal- and earth-friendly deli sandwich to enjoy for years to come. Sure to ignite and delight all tastebuds, the full Unreal Deli product line will be available at Hannaford Supermarket locations in three delicious offerings: Unreal Steak Slices, Unreal Corn’d Beef, and Unreal Roasted Turk’y. Each product is packed with protein ranging from 14-15g per 2 oz serving, and all Unreal Deli products are vegan, Kosher, and free of cholesterol, nitrates, and GMOs.

“This is a groundbreaking moment for our brand, and we are proud to provide consumers with the same experience you’d have buying animal-based deli meat,” said Jenny Goldfarb, Founder of Unreal Deli. “My New York City deli roots are what inspired these products and we’re thrilled to have our premium plant-based offerings available in key markets across multiple states behind the deli counter glass alongside other traditional delicatessen products.”

Unreal Deli products retail for $12.99 per pound and are behind deli counters now at select Hannaford Supermarket locations across the country. To find Unreal Deli products near you, visit unrealdeli.com/pages/retailers  and follow along on Instagram @unrealdeli.

About Unreal Deli

Founded by Jenny Goldfarb in 2019, Unreal Deli is on a mission to bring authentic NY-deli style meat into the modern age without compromising our health, the health of our planet, or our animal friends. Jenny is the great-granddaughter of New York delicatessen owners and grew up on the delicious flavors of their meats. After adopting a vegan lifestyle, Jenny still found herself craving deli style meat. She began creating a plant-based corned beef alternative in her own kitchen and was able to sell it to the biggest delis in California which caught the attention of Whole Foods and landed Goldfarb on Shark Tank where she received a $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban. For more information on Unreal Deli visit unrealdeli.com and follow along on Instagram @unrealdeli.