Veroni Launches “Party Tray”: The All-in-one Charcuterie Board Experience

CORREGGIO, Italy — Veroni introduces its newest product to their Enjoy AperiTime line: the brand-new Party Tray. Perfectly suited to further enrich the authentic Italian Aperitivo experience and ideal for at-home enjoyment or to be shared during small, socially distanced gatherings, the Party Trays offer an accessible premade selection of four Italian-style salumi & cheese boards, ready to open and enjoy.

Veroni’s Party Tray, crafted to share with 2-3 others, offers 100% made-in-Italy cold cuts in four pairing variations:  the first features classic imported Italian prosciutto and salami combined with Provolone cheese, olives, and 100% Italian-made breadsticks, the second includes Italian prosciutto and salami, Provolone cheese, almonds, and dried cantaloupe, and the final two options feature coppa and salami in both mild and spicy versions, combined with Provolone cheese, almonds, dried pear, breadsticks, and dried ginger. 

“An extensive and detailed study supports the creation of the Party Trays in order to offer the best pairings based upon ingredients and nutritional properties”, comments marketing manager Emanuela Bigi. “Our goal was to combine classic Italian charcuterie options, typical of Aperitivo, with products in-line with American consumers and their preferences, such as dried fruits. The result is an innovative mix where our Italian cold cuts are paired with a perfect balance of enhancing flavor components”.

The launch of the Enjoy AperiTime line highlights Veroni’s commitment to offering products that allow variety of choice and combine Italian tradition with US consumer trends. The historic Italian salumi producer has been importing 100% Italian-made charcuterie and specialty products to the United States since 2016.

About Veroni

Veroni is an Italian company that offers genuine Italian-made products to the USA, including prosciutto, salami, mortadella and other fresh, cured meats. The company was founded in 1925 by the five Veroni brothers, in the small town of Correggio in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. With the establishment of their headquarters in Logan, New Jersey in 2016, Veroni branched out to the USA market. Veroni guaranties product authenticity and high-quality by importing 100% Italian made salumi into the USA, which are sliced and packaged at the local facility to preserve their flavors and aromas. Now, with over 40 distinct products available in supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide, Veroni expects to continue growing and providing their traditional family recipes to the USA.