Veroni USA is Taking Special Safety Measures

We’ve always loved what we do since the very first salami we produced back in 1925, and at this particular moment we love what we do even more. Our employees are working around the clock to meet the increasing demands due to the COVID-19 measures. We are working closely with our suppliers as well as logistic companies to ensure on-time deliveries to our clients and make our products available for American consumers. As always, our top priority is to protect our employees and the local community: to this aim, we are strictly following the guidance of local authorities to keep our working environment safe.

For our dedicated retailer partners, we are continuing our day to day operations as follows:

We are working around the clock both in Italy and the US to support the unprecedented demand for our products as a result of the Covid-19 consumer impact.

Our priorities are ensuring that our team is following the new rules for social distancing and protecting our employees and our community.

We have taken the following next steps:

•Our back-office team will be working from their homes for an undefined period of time (limited access to the main office).

•Our commercial team has a mandatory travel and meeting ban. We will continue to be in contact but via telephone and video options.

•Our factory operations will continue maintain their incredibly high standards of safety measures and sanitation.

•At the same time, we have minimized the number of employees on each shift, giving them the ability to maintain safe distances between each other.

•We will not be admitting any visitors to the plant.

We are working with our supply chain to keep the material coming that we need to support the current production. We are also working with our shipping network to manage the current high demand for our products.

In particular:

  • We still have maintained contact with our network to support their requests/projects ongoing. 
  • Our production team is still processing and shipping orders following our current lead times.
  • We have plenty of inventory in Italy and US to satisfy current and increased demand.

The situation is very fluid and we will continue to communicate any updates to our business operations as needed.

We are here to support the community and our priority is to follow the guidance of our local authorities.

Veroni USA Team