West Pawlet Cheese Turns Some Heads

WEST PAWLET — A small creamery in West Pawlet is turning heads and igniting taste buds with award-winning cheeses made on their Civil War-era farm.

On Jan. 19, Consider Bardwell Farm, an animal welfare certified raw-milk creamery, received word that its 12-month-old Rupert — a type of alpine swiss cheese — had won the Northeast Region Cheese Award from the Good Food Awards. The national nonprofit Good Food Awards consider the quality and taste of the product as well as the sustainability of the producer before recognizing the best foods and beverages in the country by region.

“This is one of the best awards we’ve ever won,” said creamery manager and resident cheese queen Leslie Goff. “All this hard work that we’re doing, the farmers, the creamery, this makes it worth it. All those long, hard days actually pay off.”

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