Why Salad Bars May Never Come Back

New York – It was never the fanciest meal and wasn’t always the tastiest. But in the before times, lunch at the grocery store salad bar was a quick and convenient stop for people who were in a rush or had run out of other ideas.

Now, it’s looking like the salad bar lunch may have disappeared for good.

Wegmans has no plans to reopen salad bars, although it has reopened its self-serve wing bar at three stores. Stop & Shop is keeping salad bars closed even though it plans to reopen hot bars and wing bars later this month. Hy-Vee’s salad bars are also still closed.

Grocers and analysts say a combination of factors has kept stores from rushing to bring back their salad bars: Customers are now buying more groceries online and working more from home than they were before the pandemic, reducing the need for quick mid-day trips to salad bars. Some customers have also moved away from them out of sanitary concerns.

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