‘World’s Best’ Cheese for 2021 Revealed

A soft goat’s cheese from Spain won first place at the World Cheese Awards on Wednesday, besting the field of 4,079 entries from more than 40 countries on five continents.

The winning cheese, called Olavidia, from an artisan cheesemaker using the commercial name Quesos y Besos (Cheeses and Kisses), got 103 votes, besting the second-place finisher, a soft cheese from France’s Fromagerie Berthaut washed with the spirit Marc de Bourgogne, with 98 votes, that had been ahead until the very last minute.

A British judge, Jason Hinds, told fellow judges on the panel just before they voted that the goat’s cheese had a “rich, seductive, creamy texture” and “a flavor that was round and warm.”

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