16th Alden Biesen International Flower Arrangement Event: Fleuramour

The 16th edition of the Alden Biesen International Flower Arrangement Event will be held at the former German ‘Landcommandery’ of Alden Biesen in Belgium, from September 23 to 26. ‘Fleuramour, Passion for Flowers’ is the motto this time around.

The event will feature an assortment of unique flower arrangements, new varieties on display, and demonstrations of the latest floral trends and decoration tendencies. The cream of the crop of Belgian flower arrangers will be present at Alden Biesen to prove their artisanship, and a significant international contingent will be in attendance as well.

A special bridal flower show will be the centerpiece of the event, organized by distinguished Dutch florist Miranda ter Voorde. She, with the help of her ‘flower divas’, will metaphorically enter into marriage once more, florally dressed up in the way every prospective bride wants to feel on her wedding day: as the most beautiful woman on earth.

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