$ 1M Awarded in Scholarships Through the Vic and Margaret Ball Intern Program

Building the Bridge – The Vic and Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship Program celebrates a milestone.

Here’s one thing that’s absolutely essential to keep an industry, and everyone in it, thriving: fresh talent. Especially in demanding fields like horticulture and floriculture, everything depends on the continual renewal of the professional workforce with smart, well-prepared young people who can take up the banner and infuse the tradition with their energy and insight.

But where do those young people come from? They need the right academic background, of course. But they also need to have a realistic sense of where they’re heading. They need a modicum of experience to have truly discovered their passion and be committed to a challenging but rewarding career… It doesn’t hurt if they are also articulate, people-skilled leaders—natural ambassadors for the industry.

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