6 Top Tips For Boo-Tiful Halloween Sales

Halloween is a festive and fun holiday — with massive sales potential. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), consumers spent an all-time high of $10.4 billion on Halloween-related items in 2021. So, to help you get in on the fun (and the sales!), here are a few simple, practical marketing tips for your floral business this month.

1. Review Last Year’s Sales

Before doing any promotion, take the time to review the sales from Halloween 2021 to see what advertising worked best and where you got the highest engagement and conversion. Then put most of your precious time (and dollars) into those areas. Also, as part of your email promotional campaign, list those customers who purchased Halloween arrangements last year and create targeted emails offering an exclusive promotion just for them.

2. Create Limited-Edition Halloween Arrangements

Halloween is a big decorating holiday, and it’s also a busy time of year. Help your customers by offering Halloween arrangements they can simply pick up and place in their homes or offices without spending time making them. Plus, limited-time items create high demand, so promote that your arrangements are only available for Halloween. For example, you can design limited-edition arrangements in white or orange pumpkins using flowers you don’t usually carry. Then feature these arrangements prominently on your website and social media, letting customers know they need to order now to ensure they can get one of these Halloween-only beauties!

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