7 Marketing Tips For A Successful Thanksgiving Season

We know it’s still October, but November is coming fast, and it’s a big holiday month that can help your floral business. After all, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday happen all on the same weekend!

With some smart Thanksgiving marketing, you can take advantage of increased revenue for that weekend and the entire month of November. To give you some assistance, here are seven ideas you can use to generate more Thanksgiving sales and many new customers.

1. Create Deals for the Entire Month

Your potential customers will have plenty of choices for Thanksgiving decor, and they’re shopping earlier than ever these days. Get ahead of your competition by running your Thanksgiving promotions early in November and keeping them going all month long. Create a new promotion each week leading up to Thanksgiving and feature it on your social media pages and in an email. Customers will appreciate being able to secure their Thanksgiving flowers well before the holiday itself.

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