7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Floral Business

Spring is here — which means it’s time for some spring cleaning! Now’s the perfect opportunity to review your floral business, eliminate what isn’t working for you, and add things that will get you more sales for all the upcoming holidays and events on your schedule. To help you, we’re sharing seven of our favorite spring-cleaning tips for your floral business.

1. Review Your Sales, Profits, and Upcoming Needs

Before you start tossing things out, it’s best to review what you want to keep. Go through your numbers for the first two months of the year and see what’s been working for you. Then you can determine what you want to get rid of — whether it’s a specific product or a system — and move forward from there.

2. Clean Out Slow-moving Inventory

Once you’ve completed your review, you’ll know which items aren’t moving fast enough. Now it’s time to clean them out by offering them at a discount. One way is to create “mystery arrangements” featuring these flowers. Many customers will love the idea of receiving a surprise arrangement for a discounted price.

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