7 Top Instagram Trends You Need to Know For 2022

One of the most important and cost-effective ways to grow your floral business is social media marketing, particularly Instagram. As it focuses on images more than words, Instagram is ideal for showing off your beautiful creations and highlighting your special offers. And while it’s not as massive as Facebook, Instagram is still a major player in social media, with about a billion active monthly users.

So, of course, it makes sense to include Instagram in any social media marketing plans for the new year. To help you decide exactly how to incorporate Instagram into your floral marketing strategy, we’re sharing seven of the top Instagram trends for 2022.

  1. More Shopping Options

Ecommerce is the critical focus for Instagram right now. Specifically, the company is working out how to make ALL posts shoppable. You’ll see far more shopping options tested in the new year, including advanced product search by image, product discovery panels in the main feed, and a big push on live shopping.

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