9 Spooktacular Halloween Email Marketing Tips

Fall is here! And that means putting all your attention on upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, right? Well, don’t forget Halloween along the way: 68% of adults plan to celebrate Halloween, and experts report that total consumer spending will reach $8.48 billion this year.

So, how do you reach these spenders and promote your gorgeous, ghoulish Halloween arrangements? With targeted email marketing. Email is still the most effective promotional channel by far. When you create well-thought-out email campaigns, you can rake in those sales with just a bit of effort. Following are nine ways to do just that:

  1. Have fun with Halloween designs

If there was ever a time to go over the top on email designs, it’s now. People expect to see witches, ghosts, spiderwebs, and anything else that screams “Halloween” in every promotion, so don’t disappoint them. And make sure the Halloween-themed designs you use in your emails also show up on your website landing page.

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