A Look Into The World Of Storing And Preparing Flower Bulbs

There are rules for the proper storage of flower bulbs. Joost Bakker of Van Zanten Flowerbulbs knows this like no other. 16 years ago he arrived at Royal Van Zanten and over the course of time he started to focus on the storage and preparation of flower bulbs. He is now responsible for millions of flower bulbs every year.

His responsibility starts with the storage of flower bulbs in the cold stores. From entry to departure. Joost: “Although these cold rooms are computer controlled, it is and remains very human work, a ‘hands-on’ process that I have developed over the years.” But how does it work in practice? A look into the world of: storage and preparation of flower bulbs. Let’s start with the summer bulbs (tulips, hyacinths, muscari and more).

Physical rounds. Twice a day, seven days a week, Joost and his colleagues take physical rounds through each cold store. In addition to checking and recording temperature and humidity, controls also take place on acid (ethylene) in the air. Ethylene in the air means that there are acidic or contaminated bulbs in the cell. As soon as this is detected, the batch of bulbs is immediately put into quarantine.

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