A Perfect Example of Joint Forces in the Floricultural Chain

A talk with Ben Braam, who grows spray roses in Ethiopia

The spray rose: from wedding to year round product

Braam Roses, a Dutch family owned company in Ethiopia, was not only one of the first growers who started to grow spray roses on a large scale, they were also one of the first who discovered the advantages of harvesting the sprays at a more open stage. Since the very beginning, they are cooperating closely with breeder Interplant Roses and contributed to the change of the image from wedding to year round product, by selecting and introducing new and better spray roses year after year. The most recent varieties they introduced are Interplant’s  Leila, Cherokee and Sancerre. And according to Ben Braam, the owner of the farm, the reactions so far are very positive.

Ben Braam at the greenhouse of Interplant Roses in Harmelen, the Netherlands, holding the three new varieties – Leila®, Cherokee®, and Sancerre® which he brought from Ethiopia

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