AFE: How To Succeed by Thinking Beyond ‘Success’

First in a series honoring members of AFE’s Heritage Circle. Created to recognize persons who have made provision for a planned gift to AFE, the Heritage Circle celebrates their significant contributions, enriching our past and securing our future. For more information, contact Debi Chedester at (703) 838-5211 or visit

Running a business day to day, it’s not easy to keep an eye on the big picture. And, in this age of global commerce and electronic communications, it can be challenging to build and maintain the person-to-person relationships that sustain a healthy business—especially a healthy flower business.

For clues and inspiration on how to meet those challenges, you could do worse than take a look at the 60-year-career of Harrison “Red” Kennicott III, AAF—chairman of Illinois-based Kennicott Brothers Company, which has grown under his watch to one of the largest floral distributors in the country, serving ten states with 17 locations.

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