AFE Strengthens Bonds with Floral Funding Government Agencies

USDA-ARS coordinates funding for the Floral and Nursery Research Initiative (FNRI), a federally funded program dedicated to floriculture, nursery and landscape research. Recently, AFE took the lead on the FNRI initiative providing recommendations and identifying priorities. To further strengthen the importance of this funding, we headed down to Miami to show USDA-ARS National Program Leader, Tim Reinhardt what we’re all about!

AFE spent the day showing Dr.Reinhardt the size, complexity, and importance of fresh cut flowers to the entire floral industry. AFE, in coordination with SAF, works with Dr. Reinhardt by identifying the research needs and priorities for the floral industry and recommends projects and researchers to receive FNRI funding. The importance of proper care and handling is best understood by seeing the handling of flowers first-hand and talking with industry leaders who face the challenges of maximizing flower quality and longevity daily.

Miami Import Tours

Jim Daly, AFE Chairman, and Terril Nell, AFE Research Coordinator, accompanied Dr. Reinhardt on the tour. The tour was arranged and coordinated by Steven Daum, Floralife Representative in Miami. Jim Daly introduced Dr. Reinheart to the floral industry with a brief presentation on the global and the U.S. cut flower industry, changes in the production, distribution and marketing channels in recent years and provided insight into future changes and needs of the industry.

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