AGRIFLOR 2019 Preparing For Its First Annual Edition

Quito – AGRIFLOR 2019 will be the first annual edition of the former biennial held international floriculture trade fair in Quito, Ecuador. In less than 6 months, El Centro de Exposiciones in downtown Quito will be the venue where AGRIFLOR 2019 is going to take place.

Organizers are counting with visitors from all over the world. Flower buyers from e.g. USA as well as from many different European countries, are expected to visit the flower trade show. Most of them that have already planned their trip to South America are expected to stop over in Ecuador for a 1 or 2 day visit to AGRIFLOR in Quito. An extra opportunity for them to be able to attend 2 trade fairs in one trip.

AGRIFLOR will open on Monday September 30, 2 days before the flower fair opens in Bogota Colombia, so avoiding any real overlap of the 2 shows.

The main exhibitor profile of the fair in Quito will be flower growers from Ecuador. Besides those already exporting, there will be also growers that are just starting to export. “These are the ones which will be extra interesting for international buyers to speak to”, says Dick van Raamsdonk, spokesman of HPP. “AGRIFLOR will as of this year especially focus on new exporting Ecuadorian flower growers”.

More information can be found on the website