AIPH Elects a New President

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) announces a new President who is passionate about the ornamental horticultural industry.

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), the world’s champion for the power of plants, has elected Leonardo Capitanio as its new President. This announcement was made after the General Meeting at AIPH’s 74th Annual Congress in Almere, Netherlands.

As an ornamental plant grower in Monopoli, Italy, with a past role as President of the Italian Nurserystock Exporters Association (ANVE), and more recently working as a Vice-President at AIPH, Leonardo Capitanio, has been involved in international cooperation across the horticultural industry for many years.

Commenting on his election, Leonardo Capitano said, “Horticulture is my life. My father was a nurseryman, and I was eight when I began to follow in his footsteps. Now, I aim to help the industry to pass through this challenging season gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic and crazy energy costs.

“I have a vision of a more developed horticulture industry supported by strong technology solutions that can help the entire supply chain.”

Amongst his aims for AIPH are to make it a global resource for promoting Green Cities, promoting international horticultural exhibitions, collating and disseminating data and information on the international ornamental horticultural industry, and further developing the association’s valuable network.

He added, “But most importantly, I never forget my roots and the importance of the family-owned companies that have marked the story of global horticulture, from Asia to America, through Africa, Oceania and Europe.”

Leonardo Capitano replaces Bernard Oosterom from the Netherlands, who has served as President since 2015. Commenting on Bernard Oosterom’s past leadership, he said, “On behalf of all our members and myself, I’d like to express our thanks for your inspiring leadership, inspiration, commitment and, of course, friendship.

Bernard Oosterom was presented with the prestigious AIPH Gold Medal in recognition for his services to AIPH over many years.

During the Congress, Bill Hardy from Canada was elected as the second AIPH Vice-President alongside Jianping Zhou from China.

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