Alexandra Farms’ Garden Rose Wins ‘Best in Class’ at SAF’s Outstanding Varieties Competition

We are thrilled to announce that Alexandra Farms received several awards – including the coveted ‘Best in Class’ – for three of our garden roses in the 2022 Outstanding Varieties Competition. The contest was part of the 137th annual Society of American Florists’ Convention in Orlando.

Westminster Abbey was awarded ‘Best in Class’ in the Garden Rose category. With wavy petals of an extraordinary platinum color edged in pink lace, Westminster Abbey is a rose worthy of her regal and elegant name. She begins as a pinkish beige that quickly turns to light gray. With as many as 150 petals, her large flowers can last 12 days in the vase. This deluxe hybrid tea rose was launched in late 2021.

Princess Fairy Kiss Spr was awarded a Blue Ribbon. Princess Fairy Kiss Spr‘s many wavy petals unfurl slowly to form large, rounded blooms in a delicate yet luminous blush pink. This Japanese spray garden rose was launched in 2022.

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