Amaryllis Awesomely Easy To Grow, & Grow Again

They began appearing in grocery stores last month, and if it wasn't for the packaging they could easily be mistaken for an exotic monster garlic or an Ecuadorian root vegetable. Grocery shopping was so much simpler when there was only local produce to choose from.

There's no mistaking this amazing plant when its flowers begin to pop. If it's bang for your buck, the amaryllis pays out big time. Christmas cactus may be cheery, if a tad unreliable, and though poinsettias are as dependable as wallpaper, I do love amaryllis. They behave like a living plant, rather than a seasonal decoration; rooting, sprouting leaves, and producing stunning flowers.

Amaryllis are the easiest of bulbs to force into bloom as they love our average room temperatures and with enough bright light, they rarely fail. If yours came with instructions you can skip ahead a little, but otherwise here's what to do.

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