American Grown Flowers Month 2021: What it is & How to Participate

July 2021 is our annual celebration of American Grown Flowers Month, historically recognized by Congress with a special resolution celebrating the industry  for the economic and cultural impact of America’s cut flower and foliage farmers provide. While the past year was different from other years, America’s floral industry was buoyed by consumers who wanted to brighten their homes and lift their mood with fresh flowers. Retailers and farms report this is one of their busiest years to date for American grown flowers! 

What is American Grown Flowers Month?

American Grown Flowers Month is a dedicated month to celebrate the importance of American flower farms and it falls right at the height of flower season! Over the years, flowers and foliage sold in the U.S. have slowly shifted from being grown domestically to being imported from other countries. Did you know that only about 22 percent of the flowers and foliage sold in the United States are actually grown here? 

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