AmericanHort Starts New Year With New Membership System And Website

Columbus, Ohio – AmericanHort is excited to announce a new website design and the use of a new membership management system to help provide a better user experience for AmericanHort members and those in the industry who visit seeking information. 

“We are excited to start this New Year off with a new, more user-friendly membership system and website,” said Ken Fisher, president and CEO of AmericanHort. “The new membership management system allows our members to more easily access and update contact information, and it allows AmericanHort to benefit from a more efficient system and enhances the capabilities our current system. This is in step with our strategic direction of helping the green industry perform better, grow faster, and prepare for the future. We will spend more time focused on member engagement and strategic initiatives and less time on administrative tasks.”

After a thorough review of a variety of vendors, AmericanHort decided to work with Your Membership (YM) as a membership management provider because of the expert functionality, seamless integration of the website with the membership database system, as well as being a more affordable option. 

“The new website was created with the user experience firmly in mind. Information is easier to find and member profiles are easier to access and update. The website has been designed using the latest technology making the site compatible with today's browsers and is mobile friendly,” said Mary Beth Cowardin, Vice President of Marketing and Member Engagement. “The new membership system has a number of features we look forward to unveiling to our members to improve overall engagement and sharing of information.”

AmericanHort members and industry members who currently have an AmericanHort login account will receive communication from AmericanHort with instructions on completing their individual profiles in this new system. Check out the new look at


About AmericanHort

Green industry businesses perform better, grow faster and prepare for the future as a member of AmericanHort, the green industry’s leading association. With a history of 220+ years serving horticultural professionals, AmericanHort supports nearly 16,000 member and affiliated businesses that include breeders, greenhouse and nursery growers, garden retailers, distributors, interior and exterior landscape professionals, florists, students, educators, researchers, manufacturers, and all of those who are part of the industry market chain. The horticulture industry's production, wholesale, retail, and landscape service components have annual sales of $163 billion, and sustain over 1.15 million full- and part-time jobs.

Source: AmericanHort