An Interview with Anthura’s International Trade and Logistics Department

Every day tens of thousands of plants are shipped to dozens of countries in and outside Europe. This involves tight planning and organization and good cooperation with organizations such as Naktuinbouw and forwarding agents. A shipment requires the right documents and good coordination, both internally and with the customer. This work takes place in the International Trade and Logistics department, which consists of two employees. We meet Angelique van der Tor and Johan ‘t Hart, who run this department together.

Angelique joined Anthura in 2019. Initially hired for plant variety and trademark law in support of the International Trade and Logistics department, she has been working full time in this department since last year. Johan has reinforced the department since last March.

Can you briefly explain what happens in this department?
A brief explanation? That is difficult because so much happens during export… Export is the last link in our internal chain. We ensure that the people on the packing and delivery floor are given the correct instructions. We book the flights and containers for shipments outside the EU and the road transport within the EU, and take care of the correct documents. If necessary, we will arrange for an inspection by Naktuinbouw. We also keep an eye on whether customers have the right import licenses with the right credits, if this is necessary. Customs and damage settlements are also part of our tasks.

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