Anthura Donates 30,000 Masks to Healthcare Institution Laurens

With a targeted push to bridge the necessary 1.5 meters, Iwan van der Knaap – director Anthura – has handed over 30,000 masks to Rop Spanjaard, Managing director Facility Services & Real Estate at Laurens.

The 30,000 mouth masks, a combination of surgical masks and FFP2 caps, come in handy. Rop Spanjaard explains: ‘We employ nearly 6,000 healthcare professionals at Laurens. This group of people provides care to vulnerable groups in society, where extra protection is particularly important for both care providers and clients.’ He adds: ‘I could hardly believe that we were called by a company unknown to us, that wants to make the masks available for us, free of charge. We are very happy with this. ‘

‘We were already confronted with this virus before it occurred in the Netherlands, because we have an office in China. Then we saw up close that COVID-19 causes a huge economic, social and societal impact COVID-19. As a result, we were already obtaining the mouth masks at an early stage of the COVID-19 outbreak, initially for our employees in China. We also feel involved locally and we see the immense challenge of healthcare. We are glad that we have received the masks after waiting a long time. With these masks we try to give care providers a little bit of support, ‘says Iwan van der Knaap.

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