Anthurium Micra Gives Extra Color to the Assortment ‘Small the Next Big Thing’

The newest red pot Anthurium added to the assortment is called Micra®. As its name suggests, Micra is small, but its performance is BIG! This compact plant with red heart-shaped flowers is small but strong and both cold- and heat-tolerant.

Small pot size
With its red flowers rising above the foliage and its compact shape, this plant is a great addition to the small pot size range. So the small segment is in fact the next BIG thing, with yet another gem to offer. Growing Micra in the 6 cm (2 inch) pot size has been tested and the result is exceptionally good.

Micra is an outstanding variety for small pot sizes. The compact bushy growth, multitude of flowers and speed of flowering make the plant very suitable for cultivation in 6 cm to 12 cm pots. The cultivation of Anthuriums in 6 cm and 7 cm pots also offers opportunities for other applications. Examples include mixed arrangements and mini plants, which are currently a huge trend among consumers. The possibilities for use are endless.

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