Anticipating Joy and Good Fortune: Announces its 2022 Flower and Plant of the Year

Reflecting expectations of new beginnings and happiness ahead,® has named the joyful tulip and captivating Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia) as its 2022 Flower and Plant of the Year.

“This year’s selections mirror the expectations we all have for a buoyant new year filled with feelings of complete well-being and contentment,” says Alfred Palomares, Vice President of Merchandising,

“Symbolizing rebirth, tulips bloom in the early spring in a variety of radiant hues, while the Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia) is emblematic of good fortune, bringing luck and happiness to any space.”

Looking Forward to a Fresh Start

In addition to signaling the turn of the seasons, tulips are thought to represent unconditional love, and also make for beautifully gathered bouquets featuring assorted bright colors – a favorite choice with gift givers. In fact, tulips have traditionally been among the five most popular flowers purchased annually by customers.

Planting Positive Vibes

Air-purifying and easy-to-care-for, the Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia), with its textured and verdant round leaves, represents prosperity. This tropical native is ideal for any novice or experienced plant parent looking to begin or grow their collection of greenery and can be found in The Plant Shop at

Customers can learn more about the 2022 Flower and Plant of the Year through exclusive content on Petal Tal™. A new blog series titled “Living With Nature’s Best” features articles about care tips and the history of the tulip and Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia). Curated Pinterest boards, created for design inspiration, and downloadable complimentary backgrounds for video calls and virtual get-togethers are also available.

Here’s to a joyful and prosperous new year for all!