Bay State Farm Direct Flowers and Bill Doran Company Announce Merger

Bay State Farm Direct Flowers and Bill Doran Company are delighted to share a marriage of synergies through our formal announcement of a merger of our two companies. The combined experience and geographical presence will bring unparalleled value and service to our customers.

With a combined 26 branches serving customers across 38 states we are well positioned to serve an extensive market with the quality, efficiency and enhanced customer service that comes from scaling two experienced industry leaders.

The integration of best practices from both entities will bring positive changes. For customers, employees and vendors it will be business as usual while the natural evolution unfolds.

“I am excited about the opportunities and future benefits for everyone involved, especially for our customers. This combination of our companies is possible due to all of our employee’s hard work and years of success.”

-Bill LaFever

“I have the utmost respect for Bill LaFever and the Bill Doran Company. Their customer focused culture is aligned with the service and attention that Steve and I have always encouraged our employees to provide.”

-Ty Dickinson

“I am excited to see the enhanced value and benefit a company of our size will bring to customers.”

-Stephen Dabrieo

We are thrilled to see the future opportunities this merger will bring to our businesses, customers, employees and the floral industry as a whole.