Belinda’s Dream is a Lovely, Disease-Resistant Superstar Rose

A Texas Superstar is a plant that has been field tested extensively all across Texas and has managed to thrive even in our very different climates and soils. The climates are very dry to very wet and very hot to very cold. The soils are sand to clay and acidic to alkaline. If you’d like a Superstar shrub rose that has the fragrant, classic, high-centered bloom of a hybrid tea but are unwilling to spend hours constantly spraying for diseases and insects, then try Belinda’s Dream.

This rose was introduced in 1992 by Dr. Robert Basye, a mathematics professor at Texas A&M University, and named after a friend’s daughter. He crossed Tiffany with Jersey Beauty in an attempt to develop a thornless, disease-resistant rose. Although the result does have some thorns, it is disease-resistant. Black spot will occasionally attack Belinda’s Dream, especially in cold, damp weather, but the bush is vigorous enough to withstand it and continue to bloom. This rose was the first one to be designated “Earth Kind” by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

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