Blueroots And Royal FloraHolland To Move Forward Together In Digitization Sector

Royal FloraHolland is taking a 50% interest in Blueroots, by which a joint venture will be launched. This joint venture is seen as a joint investment in enhancing the international competitive position of the Dutch floriculture industry.

Participating trading companies will be directly connected via Blueroots to the digital ecosystem of Royal FloraHolland, which consists of Floriday, FloraMondo and FloraXchange. In this way, the entire supply will be linked to the ERP systems of the participating trading companies via Blueroots, as a result of which affiliated trading companies will be able to collect and purchase supply quickly and directly.

We are joining forces in a unique way

Cees van der Meij, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Blueroots: “We are joining forces in the digital development of our sector in a unique way. This collaboration goes further than a digital link. This model makes further data exchange possible, so that each player in the chain can optimize its own business model.”

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