CalFlowers: Why Do Consumers Buy Flowers?

Ask those who work in the floral industry, “why do people buy flowers?” and you will get numerous answers delivered with great confidence.  Some of these answers may even be correct.  However, we can’t be certain which ones are the real reasons consumers buy flowers.  Turns out, asking consumers such a direct question will not reveal the most accurate answers.

All consumers have unconscious reasons for just about anything they purchase, especially something as discretionary as flowers.

To answer the above question – “why do people buy flowers?” – CalFlowers commissioned a study by a consumer marketing research firm in 2018.  The firm, Traction, is an award-winning consumer research and creative marketing firm.  One of Traction’s qualifying characteristics for this research was that they had no prior experience with the floral industry, or with any horticulture segment for that matter.  It was important to CalFlowers that we had “fresh eyes” looking into this important question.  Among other considerations, it meant that their researchers would have to rely on rigorous survey techniques.

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