Canadian Flowers Week July 15 – 21, A Week That Celebrates Our Homegrown Floral Bounty

Locally grown, Canadian blooms are as abundant and diverse as our natural landscape. Growers embrace the challenges that come along with four seasons and provide a range of flowers all year round. From long-lasting, sturdy, big-headed blooms to delicate, full-of-scent flowers that could never survive the travel of imports, our greenhouse and field crops are fresh and awe-inspiring.  And now, for one week, the flower industry across the country will unite to celebrate and showoff its beautiful bounty. 

Inspired by the success of domestic flower promotion weeks in the UK, USA and Australia, Canadian Flowers Week aims to raise awareness about Canadian grown blooms and the floral industry in our communities. Growers, wholesalers, designers, florists and retailers will hold events and build installations throughout the week to promote locally grown blooms across the country.

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