Captivating Cool Weather Combinations from Monrovia

Azusa, California – If cooler temperatures have your containers calling for an upgrade, we have a few fun and festive ideas. This season, skip the typical holiday décor and add a few unexpected plants to create containers that shine all winter long. You can learn more, including a new way to look at creating containers, by watching the new Monrovia Seasonal Surprises container videos with new plants manager Georgia Clay.

Wrap It Up with Berries and a Bow


Hollies and Berries – Click for Video

The variegated, holly-shaped leaves of Goshiki Osmanthus add a festive look to this container. It is partnered with two varieties that are full of berries, Snowberry and Creeping Wintergreen, to bring in red and white holiday hues. Both plants hold their berries from fall through spring. The container is then pulled together by a living bow of stunning red Heuchera. 

This design includes:

Goshiki Osmanthus, Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’ – Zone: 6-9

White Symphony™ Snowberry, Symphoricarpos ‘Kolmasywhi’ PPAF – Zone: 3-7

Redwood™ Creeping Wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens – Zone: 3-8

Forever® Red Heuchera, Heuchera x ‘TNHEUFR’ PP #29,644 – Zone: 4-9

Tips for Creating Interesting Structure


Unexpected Living Ornaments – Click for Video

Choosing an unexpected evergreen for your holiday containers adds warmth and charm. This combination features three plant habits – tall, medium, and low, offering an easy way to create eye-catching combinations for every season. This stunning combo starts with the glowing foliage of Golden Duke® Eastern Hemlock as the tall plant, then adds FloralBerry® St. John’s Wort for pops of deep-red, holiday ornament-like accents. The low plant brings all three varieties together with the deep, purple-red foliage of Sirens’ Song™ Dark Night Heuchera.

This design includes:

Golden Duke® Eastern Hemlock, Tsuga canadensis ‘MonJers’ PP #27,468 – Zone: 4-8
FloralBerry® Sangria St. John’s Wort, Hypericum x inodorum ‘KOLSAN’ PPAF – Zone: 5-9
Sirens’ Song™ Dark Night Heuchera, Heuchera ‘TNHEUSSDN’ PPAF – Zone: 4-9

ImageVideos with additional information on these combinations can be found on Monrovia’s YouTube Channel. Visit for more information on the new Monrovia exclusive varieties.


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