Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems Offers Update on FMS Acquisition

Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems announces exciting news: Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems has completed its acquisition of FMS or Floral Merchandising Systems. This combination creates an organization better able to serve customers and compete in the global marketplace.

Our new floral line of products is named FMS by AirFlo, and our company’s floral website has been integrated into AirFlo’s new website located here: The name change symbolizes our intention to broaden our business platform and deliver more value to our customers.

We know our success is dependent on your success, and we are excited about what the new FMS by AirFlo has to offer:

·     A Distinguished Portfolio of Floral Products and Services – Customers will have access to a wider array of high-quality floral products and services for their cut flowers with vase selections, mobile and stationary indoor floral displays, outdoor floral displays, refrigerated merchandising systems, and floral department supplies.

·     Floral Equipment Supplier – We will capture supply chain efficiencies that allow us to become even more competitive and build on our renowned customer service and on time delivery expectations.

·     Billing – FMS billing to and from will now be from Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems

On behalf of the entire FMS by AirFlo and Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems’ Team, we thank you for choosing FMS by AirFlo products!

Hube Visee
Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems