Certified American Grown Launches New Website

Ventura, CA – Certified American Grown, the cut flower and foliage industry association focused on advocacy and strategic promotion, has launched an engaging and powerful new website at www.americangrownflowers.org. The new site is loaded with features for the industry, buyers, and flower fans, alike.

Certified American Grown (CAG) started in 2015 as a programmatic effort seeking to bring the domestic cut flower and foliage community together for common work and has launched itself as a standalone association as of January 2021.  With this new structure the board of directors and membership of CAG captured the opportunity to develop an online presence in a dynamic manner, by completely remaking and re-launching a new look, feel and function of the website.

“The new website has something for everyone. For the industry, there is a rich member only section with opportunities to connect and network with fellow farmers and keep up to date on the association bulletin board,” said Andrea Gagnon, Lynnvale Studios (Virginia) and a CAG Director. “For buyers, there is a directory and connection point to CAG certified members, and for consumers and everyone who loves U.S. cut flowers and foliage, there is a blog and events section where people can learn about CAG’s exciting “Field to Vase” dinners, local events and about our farms and farmers directly. There is truly something for everyone to engage with and get involved in our new site.”

Certified American Grown is actively working on several policy activities including seeking introduction of the American Grown Act and ensuring consumers and buyers have transparency in where the flowers they are purchasing are coming from through enforcement of country-of-origin labelling. Further, the organization is working for its members though the development of partnerships and support of high-profile events including sponsorship of the Sylvia Cup in September, participation at the Fresh Summit in October, and many more events to come. The website will serve as an access point to keep up to date and provide information about the many developments that CAG is making in the months and years to come.

Complementing the new website, CAG also has a rich presence on social media, including Instagram and Facebook. “Both of these platforms allow people to learn about member farms, find inspiration and learn new ways to use and support American grown cut flowers and foliage,” said Camron King, Certified American Grown CEO & Ambassador. “Our member farms grow such amazing products that designers, florists, and consumers use to enhance our lives. It is awesome to be able to share this with everyone right on their computers or phones, at any time of any day.”

The Certified American Grown website is regularly being updated and new elements are being developed and added all the time. The timely and dynamic nature of the website allows for new experiences every time someone visits to learn more.