Chrysal Gives Special Care to Special Flowers

Naarden – Chrysal Universal is our most well-known flower food and it is suitable for almost all flowers and mixed bouquets. It ensures that your customers can enjoy flowers up to 60% longer by providing all the necessary ingredients. However some flowers need special care and that is why Chrysal offers specialised flower food to support the flower in developing as if it were still on the plant. We have flower food for Rosa, Tulipa, Syringa, Bouvardia, Bulbosus and mixed bouquet with Narcissus. And now all of Chrysal speciality flower powder food comes in a new design sachet, a modern design matching your bouquets. Your customers can enjoy their bouquets with all beautiful flowers for as long as possible.

Although Chrysal Universal provides all needed ingredients for most flowers, some flowers do need special care. That is why Chrysal offers a complete range with specialised flower food to support Rosa, Tulipa, Syringa, Bouvardia, Bulbosus and mixed bouquet with Narcissus. For example, Chrysal Rosa helps in preventing ‘bent-neck’, a common problem with roses. Unique are the special flower foods for Syringa and mixed bouquet with Narcissus as Chrysal is the only one offering these specialties.

Chrysal Syringa

Syringa and Hydrangeas are sensitive flowers that need extra help with water uptake. With Chrysal Syringa they get all the necessary ingredients for full development of buds and flowers. It reduces the pH in the water and stimulates water uptake and food consumption. With a small hole on top of the sachet it is easy to attach to a stem or bouquet.

Chrysal Narcissus

Chrysal Narcissus not only provides all the ingredients for full development of all the flowers in the bouquet but also neutralises the harmful daffodil slime of narcissus in mixed bouquet.

Now Chrysal’s special flower food comes in a new design sachet, a modern and trendy design matching your bouquets. On our website you can find a detailed flower list where you can find which flower food is most suitable for your flowers:

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