Chrysal Has Fully Analyzed Carbon Footprint

Naarden – Sustainability comes first at Chrysal. With our products we are constantly working on making the flower chain more sustainable. This is why we have calculated our carbon footprint for all our products and operations in co-operation with Ecochain. It is important for us to know our impact on the environment and it will give direction for future product development and ways we can help our customer with their sustainability goals. This is how we want to be the most sustainable partners in the flower industry.

At Chrysal we have now fully analyzed our carbon footprint through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The company Ecochain has measured the impact of all our products and facilities in the Netherlands and Africa on the environment. Now we can improve where it really matters and further set our goals for the future.

The calculations showed that our operations count for only 3.4% of our carbon footprint in 2019 for all our activities of Chrysal International and Chrysal Africa and that 96.6% is coming from our suppliers. We are already using green (wind) energy, solar panels, LED lighting and have invested in energy reduction. But with our carbon footprint fully analyzed, we are now ready to fully take action to reduce our footprint even further. That is where we can make an impact. We will reduce and improve our sourcing, production waste, utilities and packaging materials. We are also actively looking for ways to make our collaborations with our business partners more sustainable.

Nora Meijerink, Global Sustainability Manager at Chrysal, “We are really pleased that we, together with Ecochain, gathered a clear picture of our carbon footprint and environmental cost indicator of all our activities. Now we can fine tune our goals for the future and really make an impact on reducing our carbon footprint even further.”

Roel Drost, Chief Value Officer at Ecochain, “Chrysal is an example to the industry and an inspiration also to us. The company is using our ‘environmental intelligence’ to really make sustainable change happen. It is a great pleasure to see that the insights are being used, are now creating a solid strategy that will deliver impactful results. As Chrysal products are being used by all partners in the chain, the clients of Chrysal will also benefit from this initiative in reducing their footprint (less waste and water).”

Chrysal is already very active in reducing their carbon footprint and aims to be the most sustainable partner in the flower industry. Ten years ago we started Chrysal Cares, our Sustainability Program and have recently introduced a complete line of sustainable flower food packaging. By using Chrysal products all partners in the chain significantly reduce their waste and use less water.

Chrysal is a main driving force in the flower and plant industry and worldwide market leader in flower care products. Whether you grow, transport, sell, or simply enjoy the beauty of cut flowers and potted plants in your own home, Chrysal has products to keep them looking fresh for longer. Through more than 90 years of experience and innovation, a commitment to quality and an on-going search for sustainable solutions, we aim to meet our customers’ needs – today ánd tomorrow. The result? Flowers and plants that last longer, happy customers and, in the end, a more beautiful world. 

Chrysal. Nurturing beauty.

In December 2018 OAT Agrio Japan Ltd acquired all shares of the Chrysal group. OAT is a publicly traded (JPX) Japanese Agro Chemical company with focus on crop protection, fertilizers and bio stimulants.