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Naarden – Online sales of flowers have grown enormously worldwide. Consumers shop online and a beautiful arrangement is delivered with a simple click. As many as 1 in 5 consumers ordered flowers online for the first time during the pandemic*. And 50% of the consumers are happy that they can order their favourite flowers online*. Keeping flowers fresh during the delivery process is essential. Because even with flowers that are ordered online, the consumer expects to be able to enjoy them at home for at least 8,5 days**. That’s why Chrysal introduces a unique concept for online delivery, giving consumers what they want; fresh flowers that last longer. It is a total concept consisting of various Chrysal products that keep your flowers beautiful and hydrated during transport and at the consumer’s home.

The total concept consists of the Chrysal Professional 2 Bag-in-Box, Chrysal Arrive Alive and Chrysal flower food. These three products combined ensure that consumers can enjoy their beautiful flowers for longer.

Chrysal Professional 2 Bag-in-Box and Chrysal Arrive Alive

Chrysal Professional 2 keeps your flowers beautiful for up to 50% longer compared to water alone. During transport this product also ensures that the flowers do not open too much. Professional 2 is available in our unique Bag-in-Box packaging that contains 70% less plastic than our pervious jerry can packaging.

Chrysal Arrive Alive is a patented foam that hydrates flowers during transport or in the store. Immerse Chrysal Arrive Alive in a solution with Professional 2 and together they ensure maximum flower quality when they arrive at the consumer.

Chrysal  bio based flower food in sustainable packaging

With cut flower flood customers can take care of the flowers at home. It contains all the nutrients that flowers need for full development and keeps flowers beautiful up to 60% longer. The sachets are made of sustainable material. The paper sachet is made of TCF pulp and has a water-based coating. The compostable sachet is 100% industrially compostable and the recyclable plastic sachet is made from fully recyclable plastic. All sustainable sachets contain Chrysal’s 99% bio based flower food. Chrysal thus increases the use of renewable biological resources. 

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* Research conducted by the Flower Council of Holland. Consumers from Germany, France, UK and the Netherlands. 

** Research conducted by Chrysal. 

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