Chrysal Participates in Circular Plastics Alliance

We recently welcomed Chrysal to the Circular Plastics Alliance! The tomstone was handed over to Chrysal by Jaap Buis and Johan Thans (Circular Plastics).

Chrysal has been the driving force in the flower and plant industry for decades and is the worldwide market leader in flower food. Whether you grow, transport, sell or simply enjoy the beauty of flowers or plants at home, Chrysal has the best solutions to keep flowers and plants beautiful and fresh for longer. By continuously innovating, focusing strongly on quality and a continuous search for sustainable solutions, they strive for the best care for flowers and plants, satisfied customers and, ultimately, a more beautiful world.

Sustainability is important to Chrysal. “Sustainability is part of who we are and how we work. It is important to know our impact on the environment, to create a caring workplace for our employees and to add value to the sustainability ambitions of our customers.” The focus is on reducing waste and water use in every phase of the chain. Action is being taken on various fronts to contribute to the environment and they have set ambitious goals for the future, such as Chrysal’s aim to be climate neutral by 2030 and 100% circular by 2040.

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