Colorful Summer Gardens You Can Grow Right Now

Azusa, California – Looking to create a stunning summer garden? Now is the time to add new varieties that will keep the landscape bursting with color. From Lavender to Salvia, patio trees to pollinator magnets, Monrovia is offering helpful videos filled with tips and new plant choices to add beauty to your garden.

The videos feature Monrovia’s new plant manager, Georgia Clay, highlighting a few of the new and exciting plant choices. She also offers growing tips and garden ideas to help you get the most out of your landscape. You can find all the videos on Monrovia’s YouTube channel.

Here are just a few of the must-have plants for summer color:

 Visions Pictures

DARK MATTER™ Meadow Sage
Salvia nemorosa
DARK MATTER™ Salvia features beautiful, deep-blue flower spikes pollinators and gardeners both love. This easy-to-grow, re-blooming variety keeps producing blossoms throughout the summer season, making it a colorful addition to borders and containers. Zone: 4-9

Sunvilla™ Mandevilla
Monrovia’s Sunvilla™ Mandevilla collection provides free-flowing, tropical color in the garden. These bold climbers were chosen because their blooms are slower to fade, adding long-lasting enjoyment and interest to an arbor, trellis or hanging basket. Clear, bright colors with yellow throats are backed by glossy green foliage. Choose from Red, White, Pink and Giant Red with extra-large blooms (pictured). Sunvilla are considered perennials in Zones 9-11 and annual in other areas of the country. Their twining stems reach 15 to 20 feet. 

Javelin Forte Deep Purple Spanish Lavender
Lavandula stoechas ‘LABZ0004’ PP #27,493
Enjoy beautiful blooms earlier with Javelin Forte Deep Purple Spanish Lavender. This variety brings large flowers with deep purple bracts sitting atop fragrant, slivery-green foliage. Easy to grow, heat and drought tolerant this lavender is evergreen in Zones 7-9 and can be used in an annual in cooler Zones. It’s a stunning addition to sun-filled borders and containers.


Nitty Gritty and Grace N’ Grit Roses


When you think of summer color, you need to think roses! Monrovia offers two exclusive, low-maintenance series every gardener needs. Nitty Gritty Roses are groundcovers with captivating color, excellent disease resistance and easy care. Growing only to 3 feet tall, they’re a natural for creating low hedges, striking containers, and beautiful backdrops. Choose from Peach (pictured), Pink, White, Red, and Yellow. 

Topping out at 5 feet tall, Grace N’ Grit Roses bring eye-catching color to the middle or back border. They’re also a standout as an accent plant, container thriller or planted en masse. This exclusive Monrovia series is loaded with color-saturated blooms that bring beauty and compliments to your garden. Choose from Pink BiColor, Red, Yellow, and Pink. Both Nitty Gritty and Grace N’ Grit are own-root, self-cleaning roses, that require adoration, without the fuss of other roses. Don’t forget to bring some blooms inside for beautiful bouquets.


Monrovia Rose Patio Trees

If you’re looking to make a statement in the garden, Monrovia’s exclusive patio trees are impactful and impressive. Nitty Gritty and Grace N’ Grit roses become colorful conversation starters in this unique form. These trees add height and interest to containers for entertaining spaces, front entryways, and landscape areas.


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