Confiscation Illegal Carnations From Ecuador At Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

On the request of HilverdaFlorist several boxes of illegal cut-carnations were stopped and controlled by the customs of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. There were suspicions this shipment of cut carnation contains illegal propagated cut-carnations. The suspicions turned out to be correct. The cut carnations were seized and destroyed.

The cut carnations where meant for the international women’s day on march 8th.  These flowers  mainly came from growers from the area around the city Latacunga, 100 Km south of Quito Ecuador. 

Breeders, such as HilverdaFlorist, spend millions of euros a year to improve varieties. Breeders need to charge royalties to the growers in order to cover the breeding costs- and investments. HilverdaFlorist does not accept that companies propagate their varieties without permission, this also to protect the legal growers. 

In order to prevent future imports of illegal Flowers, HilverdaFlorist will monitor closely in the future and actions of this kind will occur more often.