Curate Increases Floral Market Share with the Acquisition of BloomTrac

ST. LOUIS – Curate, the leading floral and event management software, announced that it has acquired BloomTrac.

BloomTrac was the first event floral software of its kind. Founded in 2010, it revolutionized the way event florists managed events by creating a streamlined system that prevented costly pricing mistakes, increased profits and saved hours of administrative time.

Both Curate and BloomTrac were founded to help floral entrepreneurs create thriving businesses by streamlining the entire event planning process. Curate has a history of innovation, including the release of a new customizable proposal experience earlier this year as well as a simple-to-use ecommerce/POS system designed for their florists to manage daily orders and local deliveries amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are so excited to have BloomTrac users join the Curate family; this will allow us to make a difference for even more florists around the world,” said CEO and Founder, Ryan O’Neil. “Curate started at our own kitchen table trying to make our event floral company work better and led to us being able to invest in thousands of other small businesses. By acquiring BloomTrac we are investing even more into the floral space. This will also afford opportunities to gain more feedback and build solutions that help all of our customers grow and thrive.” Sarah Hinton, CEO and founder of BloomTrac said, “​Curate is in a ​unique position to give BloomTrac users a beautiful and efficient software to call home. ​I am pleased that they will benefit from the thriving community Curate has created in the industry.”

BloomTrac and Curate will be merging into a single platform under the Curate brand.

About Curate:
Curate started in a floral shop, birthed from a husband and wife floral duo that struggled to create quick proposals and accurate stem counts. After being unable to find the best solution for their business, putting excel and word docs aside, they created Curate; the all-in-one floral software solution for businesses to save time, make more money and book more clients. Learn more at

About BloomTrac: ​
As the first event floral software on the market, Sarah realized the need for a more efficient solution to manage her floral business. ​As a creative at heart, frustrating hours at the computer were not where she wanted to spend her energy. ​After too many costly and time consuming errors, she set out to find a better way to do things. ​Knowing other florists had the same ​challenges, she ​partnered with a software developer and BloomTrac was born.​ ​

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