Danziger and Terra Nova Nurseries Announce New Creative Collaboration Agreement

As a part of the new agreement Danziger will become Terra Nova Nurseries’ dedicated licensee and producer of vegetative cuttings for Europe, Asia and Africa.

ESSEN IPM exclusive news: 

TERRA NOVA NURSERIES and DANZIGER jointly announced this week the two companies are entering into a new alliance, whereas Danziger will become a dedicated licensee and producer of vegetative cuttings from Terra Nova Nurseries’ stock in Europe, Asia and Africa. Danziger will produce the Unrooted Cuttings (URCs) to fulfill orders in Europe, Asia and Africa. 

” We believe that this collaboration and the addition of world class perennials genetics by Terra Nova will enable us to provide our customers with a complete assortment and will benefit all parts of the horticulture value chain” says Amir Dor, Director of Sales – Annuals & Perennials at Danziger

Danziger and Terra Nova Nurseries are both world famous breeders holding annuals and perennials assortments. “We find this strategic collaboration as a growth opportunity for everyone involved,” says Ken Brown, Managing Owner of Terra Nova Nurseries. “We all see the importance of providing the best availability of high-quality vegetative cuttings in all markets. We believe Danziger is one of the best producers, coupled with excellent market reach and customer service, we consider this partnership as an important key in developing our international sales,” adds Ken.

“We have set creative collaborations as one of our core values , this partnership is a good example and another step in fulfilling our mission of creating extraordinary success for our customers” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO at Danziger.   “We witness an increasing demand for high quality perennials in many markets. Collaborating with a strong partner such as Terra Nova, creates synergy and a unique value proposition for the market”.

This new partnership will be launched at IPM ESSEN 2019 and customers can expect availability of cuttings as of week 40/2019 – availabilities will be visible through Danziger’s ordering system.

About Terra Nova Nurseries:

During the last more than 25 years, Terra Nova Nurseries has grown from a small lab and greenhouse to a world leader in perennial and annual plant breeding. The company’s breeding team has enriched the horticulture market with more than 1,000 varieties and 30-plus national and international award-winning introductions. Learn more about Terra Nova Nurseries atwww.terranovanurseries.com.

About Danziger

Through innovative floriculture, creative collaboration and a spark of imagination, Danziger strives to produce extraordinary flowers to help customers achieve extraordinary success. Danziger is a global leader in bedding plant and cut flower breeding, backed by one of the largest R&D departments in the world. More than 100 scientists, researchers and professional breeders work to invent new varieties that are more durable, efficient, profitable and BEAUTIFUL.

Nearly 1,000 customers in more than 60 countries count on Danziger varieties. Founded in 1953, the family-owned company is committed to bringing personal service to its customers. Danziger employs more than 1,500 people worldwide, with propagation facilities in Israel, Guatemala, Kenya and Colombia.

For more information please visit our new website at: www.danzigeronline.com